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Hi Again!

November 11, 2009

Sorry I haven’t post for long, because I am work on exams, but whatever, let’s start out with jokes.

This joke is Tea or Gas?

One day, Tommy go to the car shop and said:

Excuse me, I want to buy a car, but I forgot its name, it starts with T

Then, then staff response:

None of our car starts with Tea, It starts at Gas.

And, I have a new poll, it speaks about the arthur. So get on. Because I really don’t post much because i am usually busy with exam even i am only 6th grade.

Then, I have a game.

1 ceiling fan.

You can put goldfish cookies on the fan and if you turn on the fan, you will try to get it.

But before this, you should clean up the dirt up the fan.

I think this is good for halloween, because you can put eyeballs on it for an haunted house or put candy on it.

by the way, I am off now, I don’t have time now.


4 times 4

October 31, 2009

Good! Today will be the day I will post jokes!

This joke is call:4*4 =16

Weird, right? But it is funny!

You know, some jeeps have this sign on the back of its can


So one day, there was a man who brought this kind of jeep, and he parked it behind his house. So the next day, when he look at his jeep, he felt nervous.


So he went to the car shop, the boss of the shop ereased he 16, but the next day, he was mad.

4*4=16 The 16 is much bigger the last one.

This time, the car shop boss had an idea, he ereased the big 16 and put on the small one, 16.

Tomorrow, The jeep’s 4*4 really freaked him out!

4*4=16 You Are Correct!

Well, that is the first joke, now i am tell a riddles:

Why Black People are tall? Their knees grows! (nergo)

At First, I can not understand it!(Thank to my friend christopher for this one)

Any jokes you know? email to me at, your joke might get on this site!


October 31, 2009

Hi! Iam ThunderSharkPanda! I am a eleven years old boy who love jokes! So I create this blog to share jokes! If you have any jokes, riddles, pranks,funny stories you want to share with me, e-mail me at, but it must be good for us, which is not to violent, if you want to get more jokes, get your friends to get on this site! The more people visit here, the more jokes we have. Don’t wait, spread the news out!

Hello world!

October 30, 2009

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